Develop and grow strategic design competency


We help our clients in reaching maturity in Strategic Enterprise Design through conferences, trainings and seminars, as well as informal gatherings in Strategic Enterprise Design. Find our upcoming courses or conferences below, or get in touch for a custom in-house training or Enterprise Design Management engagement to move your enterprise forward.


The Intersection conference series on Strategic Enterprise Design brings together thinkers, doers and leaders with a rich diversity of backgrounds, sharing the challenge of complex enterprises. Our third edition will take place June 9 and 10 at IT University Copenhagen. Visit the conference website to learn more.


We provide training seminars in strategic design applied to environments of enterprise complexity, using the Enterprise Design Framework to tackle key business challenges with a holistic approach. Check our Academy announcements for upcoming seminars.

in-house training

For in-house teams and external collaborators, we provide practice-oriented workshops, facilitated sessions with stakeholders and internal clients, development of Design Management capabilities, organizations and roadmaps, and custom programs to respond to specific client challenges. We will point you to many practical case studies and useful tools to ensure direct applicability in your enterprise environment. Get in touch to learn more!

community events

enterprise design retreat

Every fall, we invite our community of Enterprise Design friends and aficionados to join us for multiple days of exchange and cross-domain learning in an inspiring location co-organized with a strategic partner of eda.c. Get in touch if you would like to join us!