Brand and Social Connections

Design for Engagement

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Companies, products, services and other brands play a vital role in people's lives today. With the multitude of brands we are in touch with as consumers, employees, investors or in other roles, it is a key challenge for complex enterprises to envision, convey and execute a single powerful core idea reaching internal and external audiences. Our design practice on brand and social experience helps our clients to define this idea, and to encode it in their behaviour and culture, products and services, communication and conversations. Our concepts, prototypes and systems aim to form a flexible platform to engage people across digital and physical channels, and to make it happen across all elements of the brand experience.

Brand Identity crystal clear brand positioning based on a strong and shared enterprise-wide core idea
Brand Alignment coherence in voice, appearance and behaviour between products, services and communications
Cultural Change working with people to facilitate new mindsets and behaviours across all actors, and towards all audiences
Social Enterprise designing for digital engagement and conversations with relevant audiences across the enterprise ecosystem