Digital Ecosystems

Design for Interaction

digital ecosystems

We support our clients in making the most of digital. By focusing on the way digital capabilities are used by people in your enterprise, we aim to look beyond IT technologies and trends. Starting from the ubiquitous role digital technology plays in our life and work, we blend digital interactions and capabilities into business. Our concepts and prototypes aim for transformation at the ecosystem level: they bridge products and services, processes and collaboration, communication and culture. Not only are they useful and meaningful to users, but they implement an integrated, overarching vision on the digital enterprise. They streamline existing business, create innovative offerings and reach new audiences.

Digital Business internal startups to create value and open new markets, by launching innovative digital offerings, platforms and business models
Service Design improving customer experience by better serving customers using digital channels, self-service and lightweight processes
Social Connections an approachable, reactive and always-on brand, connecting your enterprise to key audiences and stakeholders
IT Delivery platforms that reach your users, integrating your enterprise architecture with a growing number of digital channels and connected devices