Future Enterprise

Design for Strategy

future enterprise

We help executives and founders identify and pursue a suitable future for their enterprise ecosystem, and to clarify the role they want to play in it. Starting from the big picture of the enterprise, we engage into a dialogue with customers and other key stakeholders. We make potential target states visible and generate strategic options. To bring the chosen strategy to life, we explore and experiment, and co-create blueprints and prototypes that cover key areas of change. Such a holistic design touches your core idea and business model, products and services, brand identity and customer touchpoints. The result is a tangible experiential vision along with a transformational roadmap, showing where to go and how to get there.

Design Leadership developing a sustainable and meaningful shared vision of the enterprise
360° Business Design mapping and understanding the enterprise ecosystem
Design Fiction exploring and co-designing future states and their experiential qualities
Strategic Scenarios generating and conveying options for strategic decision-making