Service and Value Delivery

Design for Performance

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We help our clients focus on what matters most in delivering value to their clients and other key stakeholders. Using a service-oriented approach to map and explore the enterprise's value network, we identify the most relevant tasks and interactions to support. Our concepts and prototypes focus on value generation on the demand side, to then optimise and orchestrate the capabilities, operational processes and organisational design for their realisation. To bring this conceptual design to live, we design tangible components including service delivery channels such as physical places, websites and apps, as well as useful internal reporting systems and performance dashboards. Covering the entire value chain, this results in an integrated design of service definition, processing and value delivery.

Service Design exceeding customer expectations and responding to needs, priorities, exceptions and demands
Business Architecture translation into operational business processes and enterprise architecture to ensure consistent delivery
Customer Journey identification of relevant customer touchpoints and alignment with social channels, information and collaboration systems
Business Intelligence performance measurement and customer intelligence delivered through insightful dashboards and reporting