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Design for Teamwork

workplace collaboration

We help corporations and institutions to be a great place to work, optimising the way people work together and get things done. Applying a holistic design approach, we assess organisational identity and culture, processes and value delivery, as well as workplace environments and tools. Our concepts aim to improve the larger employee experience in line with business goals and processes, making people more engaged and productive by focusing on their most important tasks. Covering physical, digital and human interaction, we integrate, improve and reshape key workplace components and communications, making them part of a strong employer brand, and fostering a culture of creativity and collaboration.

Collaboration teamwork across organisational boundaries, empowering people to work together whenever and wherever they want
Employee Experience aligning workplace environment and tools with a shifting corporate culture and a powerful employer brand identity
Digital Workplace one environment across intranet and portals, processes and systems, and social collaboration
Mobile Strategy context-adaptive tools and seamless integration of field, home, office and mobile work