Consulting and Design

Shifting Complex Enterprises

Leading consultancies and agencies realise that design thinking and practice is most effective when applied as a strategic tool. Instead of being called in late, to work on confined aesthetic or functional problems, such design competency aims to tackle key challenges, for impact at the enterprise level. As an open-ended endeavour for well-defined outcomes, it generates strategic options and facilitates their implementation. We support our clients from the design and consulting industries pitch, apply and develop such a strategic design approach with their customers. Our Enterprise Design Approach is a unique methodology to bridge design thinking with tangible outcomes. It includes tools, complementary skills and a solid management framework. By integrating the various design fields into a strategic and coherent approach, we help growing your design competency and develop new business.

Strategic Dialogue establishing and facilitating an investment dialogue with key stakeholders, designing to generate strategic options
Enterprise Modelling developing killer artefacts mapping key aspects of the enterprise ecosystem in a semantic model, capturing a transformation from different angles, aligning customer and internal perspectives
Interaction and Service Design developing models and prototypes to illustrate the impact of new business models, products or services
Design Technology leveraging new tools, techniques and methods in design to support its role in the enterprise