Public, International & Culture

Designing to Engage Stakeholders

Enterprises in the public sector find themselves facing greater demand for simple and straightforward interactions with their audiences, while having to fit into a complex network of actors. We helped a variety of organisations to better achieve their mission with fewer resources, from municipal institutions to international agencies. Based on a coherent strategic positioning, we engage people through social conversations and co-designed solutions. This results in a vision towards a desirable and sustainable future state, and serves as the basis for optimising processes, policies and services around the needs of people. By designing for engagement and performance, we create more useful services and tools. This in turn allows for more delightful service experiences, better engaging your audiences and communities, and reaching more ambitious objectives.

Strategic Design exploring the ecosystem to unveil opportunities, develop scenarios and make prototypes to bring them to life
Service Design understanding the tasks, lives and goals of your users and audiences to develop a system of services and useful tools
Co-Design applying generative and participatory design to engage relevant stakeholder groups and collaboratively design solutions
Enterprise and Information Architecture developing a coherent model of user experiences and information resources, tracing change in data and information, business processes, systems and services