Software and Technology

Disrupting Dynamic Markets

Software and high tech enterprises are looking beyond technical excellence as key differentiator. In the consumer space, only meaningful and useful products win the hearts of users. Enterprise vendors have to catch up, moving out of the corporate basement to engage and delight their customers. eda.c worked for a number of leading technology organisations like SAP and Boeing, and innovative players in the IT and high-tech sector. To make the best of smart algorithms, connected objects and ubiquitous interactions, technology providers must embrace their new role as the stage for digital service delivery and social engagement. Looking at the entire customer journey of acquiring, introducing, and using products and services, we achieve coherence between the various components of a digital experience. 

Interaction and Service Design delighting your users with signature interactions suited to their activities and goals, and envisioning digital service ecosystems across channels, devices and contexts of use
Brand Identity strong brand platforms encompassing digital product design, social communications and service delivery
Business Architecture making organisational and operational delivery systems fit for excellence in Customer Experience
Employee Experience engaging employees through Digital Workplace design, internal social networks and cross-ecosystem collaboration