Startups and Ventures

Designing an Enterprise From Scratch

Entrepreneurs face a multitude of challenges when giving shape to their new enterprise. Breaking your idea down to a simple message for investors, partners and staff, creating a strong brand, designing for delightful customer experiences, and architecting an operational business while nurturing an engaging culture – it becomes hard to focus on key challenges while working towards a coherent vision. We support startups in envisioning, formulating, communicating and realising their core idea. Focussing on a set of key aspects aligned with your roadmap, we help to apply design competency to everything that matters in a given state of development. The outcome applies to all activities, offerings and messages, in order to achieve the next big step in launching your business.

Strategic Design a joint exploration and definition of your core idea and its manifestation in value scenarios, Brand Identity and Business Design
Customer Experience designing for the end-to-end Customer Journey, enabled by business processes, service delivery and social channels
Brand Identity developing a simple and powerful core idea to stick in people’s minds, underpinned by a strong culture and consistent execution
Interaction and Service Design understanding the tasks, lives and goals of your users and customers to develop a useful and compelling product