Telecom and Media

Delighting through Content and Service

Attention in telecoms and media has shifted from technology to customer value. With digital capabilities available everywhere and all the time, differentiation only succeeds with content and services that are valuable in their context of use. Market players are rapidly redefining their business, with new competition arising from all sides. Consumer markets like music, calls or news lead the way through disruptive shifts, while the enterprise space struggles to catch up. We help our clients navigate the complexities of this dynamic market environment, and to develop bundles of operational capabilities to realise unique value propositions. Based on a deep understanding of customers and users, we design services, systems, apps and channels that entertain, inform and delight.

Interaction and Service Design delighting your users with signature interactions suited to their activities and goals, and envisioning digital service ecosystems across channels, devices and contexts of use
Enterprise and Information Architecture developing a coherent model of user experiences and information resources, tracing change in data and information, business processes, systems and services
Content Strategy connecting the loose ends of available assets and services, to design and deliver content in line with customer expectations and activities
Social Workplace enabling a collaborative and inventive culture through communication, useful tools and a comprehensive Digital Workplace design