EDA stands for Enterprise Design Associates, a strategic design consultancy. Our company was started in 2009 by three good friends with a shared ambition: working on fun projects that matter, and combining holistic thinking with creative practice, on a strategic level and in challenging environments. Since then, we tackled many challenges that made us cross the boundaries of established design disciplines and related fields.


We help our clients achieve design-led innovation and enterprise transformation working for a wide range of industries. For large groups such as SAP, Deutsche Post DHL and Toyota, but also many smaller companies, we worked on key challenges such as their digital workplace, an evolving brand identity or excellence in customer experience. For Jeppesen (part of The Boeing Company), we worked on navigation and information services for commercial aviation and marine. An office of the United Nations engaged us about strategic enterprise mappings and service design, to help shape their future enterprise.


eda.c operates locations in Germany and France, with a core team of three. Together with our community of independent talents and professional partners, we combine European roots with a global reach.

Benjamin Falke

Benjamin has been working for several years in the creative industries, with a focus on strategic design initiatives and strong concepts to achieve innovation by good design and consequent reduction to the very essence of each solution. He is a specialist for effective communication design across all media and supports, and the envisioning and implementation of thoughtful Brand Identity concepts. Benjamin holds a Diplom-Designer degree in visual communication design from PBSA Düsseldorf.

Milan Guenther

Milan is the author of INTERSECTION, a book about strategic design in complex enterprise environments introducing the Enterprise Design Framework, published in 2012 with Morgan Kaufmann. Milan works as professional designer since over 12 years, and co-founded eda.c in 2009. Before this, created a software company working on collaborative workspaces, and designed various business information systems as an independent UX designer. He holds a degree in Communication Design from PBSA Düsseldorf and an MBA from the Institute Supérieur du Commerce in Paris. Milan presented at several conferences on Service Design, Enterprise Architecture and User Experience, teaches at Paris College of Art, and co-leads the Paris chapter of the Interaction Design Association (IxDA).

Dennis Middeke

Dennis is a user experience researcher and designer. He believes that corporate identity is inextricably linked to the way people interact with the brand. Therefore he is always trying to get a holistic view on the different aspects of an enterprise in order to create a custom and consistent experience across all touch points. Dennis brings his design expertise to various industry sectors, including automotive, aerospace, logistics and telecommunications. He has worked since 2004 as an independent designer on interactive installations, digital brand projects and software products for large and medium-sized companies. Dennis holds a Diplom-Designer degree in visual communication design from PBSA Düsseldorf.

where we worked


eda.c operates offices in Düsseldorf and Paris, for engagements in Europe and sometimes other continents.


We are glad to talk with new contacts about opportunities for new projects and relationships, for "partners in crime" and joint endeavours. Please get in touch! We are also constantly on the lookout for talented freelancers in a large variety of design disciplines and related areas, to significantly contribute to the strategic design projects of our clients. Designers we work with range from talented generalists to highly specialist experts, in order to connect holistic thinking with outstanding creative work. If you are based in Europe, you possess an impressive track record of engagements and/or a stunning portfolio of applied design work, please get in touch!


Gathering insights on users, customers and key stakeholders, developing inquiry strategies and techniques, modelling and synthesizing insights and their implications for design work.


Engaging with groups and key stakeholders in co-design processes and nurturing an ongoing strategic dialogue, harnessing ideas, enthusiasm and collaboration and enabling large-scale change.


Fusing methods, tools and approaches from a variety of disciplines and domains, developing a point of view on a given design challenge, and creating models that convey key concepts and lead the way.


Design talents in a specific creative domain, capable to work with a high level of ambiguity, and developing the key ideas, guiding principles and representations throughout the design process.


Experts in a creative use of technology, developing adaptive and generative media, data and intelligence based systems, and useful tools that bring a design to life, supporting adoption and implementation.


We are leading an international network of likeminded consultancies, agencies, professional organisations and individuals interested in developing Enterprise Design as a new emerging field of strategic and holistic design practice. We jointly organise conferences and workshops to share perspectives, case studies and methodologies. If you are interested in contributing, please join our LinkedIn group or get in touch. Currently, we work a number of different companies and professional organisations.