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In a short joint research project with partners, we designed a rapid prototype to redefine the way HR processes and collaboration happen in large organisations. The resulting shows what the next generation of HR information systems may be look like. We based our design on a scenario of succession management tasks: supporting an organisation to compare candidate profiles and replace a position with an applicant of similar or evolved skills or experience.


In close collaboration with our partner agency Centigrade specialising in UX design and development, we created a high fidelity prototype in less then a month. The project was an initiative of a major software company in the field of HR solutions.


Our prototype and illustrated usage scenario has served as an inspiration with client work, and informed several projects in the areas of Workplace and Collaboration. Several years after completing this project in 2010, tools for professional users are still behind comparable apps from the consumer space. Our prototype shows stakeholders what might be, opening new options for real-world projects often expressed in a similar rapid prototype or pilot setting.


We spent just about eight hours interviewing potential users and process experts, sketching scenarios and potential solutions, before moving into high fidelity prototyping.

Contextual sketches helped appreciate the context of work, be it in a traditional office setting, at home, in meetings or on the go.

The concept makes extensive use of visualisation to inform users of key indicators, the overall health of the organisational planning, the pool of job candidates and upcoming cases for succession planning. The app is designed to have information and capabilities at hand independent from your context of use, but with an interface that adapts to the user's environment and device.

Scenarios looking at the different roles involved in HR processes provided the basis for real-time interaction, in addition to asynchronous collaboration. The solution envisions a full synchronisation between all devices and components, leveraging the strengths of each channel.

The prototype implementation was done in Microsoft Silverlight, finding a balance between a distinct product brand identity and the Windows 8 UI guidelines. The video below shows the interactions supported on a tablet device.


partners Centigrade
people Milan Guenther, Julian Masuhr, Dennis Middeke, Katharina Weber
duration 2010