A book and a conference on Enterprise Design

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INTERSECTION is our book on Strategic Enterprise Design first published in 2012 which portrays our Enterprise Design Framework and methodology. Since 2014 eda.c is also organising the INTERSECTION Conference series inspired by the book's topics, designed to promote the idea of holistic design in complex environments.


We hosted our first INTERSECTION conference in spring 2014 in Paris. The conference brings together leaders, practitioners and experts from different backgrounds with a shared interest in the emerging field of Strategic Enterprise Design. We spent two days in master classes bringing together different fields, and enjoyed a series of inspiring talks. The event was held at NUMA, a freshly inaugurated digital business hub and startup accelerator. Attendees, workshop facilitators and presenters came from 10 different countries, and included corporate leaders, expert practitioners and startups. We decided to turn INTERSECTION into a conference series: INTERSECTION'15 will be held in April 28-30 2015 in Berlin, as a joint event with DMI's Design Management Europe conference marking the organisation's 40th anniversary. Visit our conference site to learn more, and join our LinkedIn group to connect to the community.

Our time resources were limited. Instead of maintaining a news section on our homepage, sending out newsletters, and managing pages in all social networks we decided to announce all updates via twitter.

Our first edition in April 2014 in Paris attracted a mixed group of participants. In a two day event we heard inspiring talks and case studies from the different corners of the design space, and collaborated intensely in our interdisciplinary master classes. Our audience reflects our international reach while engaging the local communities.


Our book INTERSECTION was published in 2012 with Morgan Kaufmann publishers, and portrays our Enterprise Design Framework and methodology. It also features 9 case studies showing how companies like IKEA, Apple, SAP, BBVA and Jeppesen (a Boeing Company) are dealing with the different aspects of design work in complex environments and apply design thinking and practice to shape their enterprises. Find out more on our book site.