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eda.c worked with transformation consultant Anne Landréat, supporting Toyota's leadership in delivering an ambitious change management program. Following an internal merger and a series of crises, this employee-driven program strives to create a great place to work. In co-design workshops with themed employee groups, we developed concepts to consolidate the big themes into target behaviours. To ensure organisation-wide recognition and adoption, we designed an internal brand and produced a series of events. A set of tools embeds the new way of working into daily business.


Toyota Motor Europe (TME) is the regional headquarters of Toyota located in Brussels, created in 2005 through the merger of two European Toyota subsidiaries. The company brings together employees of over 40 nationalities, serving 56 countries. TME's Corporate Development department oversees the implementation of NMD action as a transformation program. By coordinating the work of mixed teams from all areas of TME, the group aims to deliver long-term motivation factors, sustainable business results, and therefore maximise TME's contribution to global Toyota.


Using co-design techniques to develop conceptual designs, we helped TME teams to clarify and illustrate their intended outcomes. The Fast Fwd initiative was considered an astounding success, with a record turnout compared to similar internal events. It increased employee engagement and recognition of the desired cultural change, and served as the starting point for new projects and initiatives.


To get started, we worked with Toyota's teams on defining the strategic themes, clarifying contents, and defining target audiences we would design for. In order to maximise visibility and attention, we developed an exhibition format that could be easily transferred and reused in multiple locations, even beyond Europe.

We developed a custom model covering the most important enterprise aspects to be considered in our design work. In workshops we developed Manager Personas with initial and desired behaviours, and modelled their journey.

The teams were grouped around 8 strategic topics based on the Toyota Way, a set of behaviours and principles that underlie the company's management and production system. They translate to a set of initiatives carried out by volunteer teams in addition to their day jobs. We supported the groups to boil all topics down to the essence of the desired cultural transformation, with Fast Fwd as a new overarching message.

Using the new brand and message, we brought the content into the physical space based on movement and collaboration scenarios.

To reach people in their work context, we developed formats for analogue and digital touchpoints including communication materials for canteen trays and personal invitiations.


clientToyota Motor Europe
peopleMilan Guenther, Dennis Middeke
partnersAnne Landreat, Adeios