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Enterprise Design

Enterprise Design is the design of ambitious endeavours. It is about bringing together all the elements needed to make an enterprise successfully deliver, using a holistic and systemic design approach.

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Our approach to tackling enterprise challenges by design has been pioneered by Enterprise Design Associates and our design partners since our company's creation in 2009. We have implemented this approach in a number of client engagements around the world, touching organisations of all shapes and sizes across many sectors.

In 2012, we published our book Intersection: How Enterprise Design Bridges the Gap Between Business, Technology and People introducing this approach with Morgan Kaufmann publishers. Since 2014, we have been running the annual Intersection Conference series.

We are founding partners of Intersection Group, a not for profit association dedicated to creating better enterprises. Since 2020 Intersection Group has taken over the further development of the Enterprise Design approach, building a community of practice, running global events, and developing Open Source tools.

In 2023 we released the first version of EDGY, an Open Source tool for collaborative Enterprise Design developed with over 50 experienced practitioners. We also published the book Enterprise Design Patterns.