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Enterprise Design

Enterprise Design is the design of ambitious endeavours. It is about bringing together all the elements needed to make an enterprise successfully deliver, using a holistic and systemic design approach.

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Enterprise Design Framework
Enterprise Design Framework Stack Scan Scenario Sprint System Enterprise Design Framework

Customer experience, digital transformation, agile architecture, compliance, disruptive shifts: enterprises are challenged to reinvent themselves and adapt to a complex, dynamic environment.

Developed over 10 years of professional practice, the Enterprise Design Framework gives designers, architects and analysts a coherent toolkit to chose the right approach at each stage of the innovation and transformation process. It is built on a strong foundation of systems thinking and experience design, 360° research and enterprise mapping practice, and blends lean and agile approaches into 5 tools: Stack, Scan, Scenarios, Sprint and System.

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The Enterprise Design Stack is a common vocabulary, a set of lenses and a practical navigation aid to understand, frame and tackle enterprise challenges.

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The Enterprise Design Scan reveals insights and opportunities for innovation matching market demand and enterprise capabilities.

Run a Scan to reveal innovation opportunities

Mapping out an Enterprise Design Scenario using EDML notation provides a way to explore relevant parts of the environment to be transformed.

Map a Scenario to transform your enterprise

Running an Enterprise Design Sprint enables rapid, co-creative generation and validation of innovative solutions.

Run Sprints to accelerate innovation

Launching an Enterprise Design System permits teams to autonomously develop coherent solutions and transform their environment.

Build a System for continuous transformation

Used in combination along an iterative design process, the 5 Enterprise Design Framework components enable teams to make the leap from uncovering challenges to working towards a future state.

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