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Our work

We help organizations of all shapes and sizes tackling enterprise challenges holistically, fast, and effectively relying the Enterprise Design approach. We cast a team of experts working as designers, analysts and architects in client projects and initiatives, and as trainers and mentors.

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We work with large companies, public and international organizations, as well as start-ups and smaller businesses. Find out more about our engagements.

From startups and scale-ups to established European and American industrial corporations, international organisations and government institutions: the introduction of a holistic and systemic Enterprise Design approach made us work with some of the world's leading actors in their industry or domain, responding to their key challenges and coming up with enterprise-level solutions.

Who we are

Enterprise Design Associates is the strategic design consultancy that pioneered Enterprise Design approach. Our company was created in 2009 by three good friends with a shared ambition: working on fun projects that matter, and combining holistic thinking with creative practice, on a strategic level and in challenging environments. Since then, we tackled many enterprise challenges that made us cross the boundaries of established design disciplines and related fields.

We do not hire any employees. Instead we believe in the strength of our global network of exceptional people and organizations that help us deliver the best outcomes for your enterprise.